Travel is simple when you charter your flights with Jazz Aviation. Just tell us where and when you want to fly! Our highly trained and experienced pilots can bring you to hundreds of airports not served by airlines. With several aircraft to choose from, Jazz offers truly personalized services. Save time and stress and eliminate the hassles of parking, lengthy check in, long security lines, waiting at gates, out-of-the-way layovers, congested terminals and lost luggage in favor of personal on-demand travel.

    Fly the way you want. No detail is too big or too small, and all of our services are tailored to your needs. Ideal for specialty transport, Jazz is pet friendly and does not impose arbitrary restrictions on cargo.

    With Jazz your flight is always timely, safe and comfortable. No matter the destination, let them know you’ve arrived, with Jazz Aviation.


    Personal charter allows you to travel with all the convenience, comfort and style of a private aircraft. You name the time and you name the airport. Enjoy your travel without the stress and hassle of busy terminals or unnecessary security checks. Private Personal Charter is ideal for families, especially with young children.

    At Jazz we understand that your pet isn’t luggage to check; give your furry family member the comfort of travelling in the cabin with you. Vacations with friends are more spectacular when you travel in style with in-flight catering. Last minutes trips to see family are more practical when you can fly direct to small regional airports. We can even arrange ground transportation. Vacations are more fun when you can start relaxing from the very beginning, in your own luxurious private plane.


    Chartering with Jazz Aviation means you get what you need and exactly what you want. We understand that time is quite possibly your most valuable commodity and there is nothing like meeting in person to forge important business relationships. With our fast, quiet aircraft you can make multiple meetings or shuttle between several corporate locations in a single day and still be home for dinner. Take the time, both in-flight and on the ground to communicate and engage with colleagues and customers without distractions, interruptions, or eavesdropping. From the secure, comfortable and quiet cabin of your own private plane, get more work done in-flight or relax and arrive rejuvenated to tackle your next business proposal/case/meeting. Arrive when you like and leave when you are ready.

    Commercial travel is just a headache and driving takes too long. With access to hundreds more airports than the airlines, you can cut costs and erase window time with non-stop, direct travel putting you closer and faster to your destination. Travel on your terms with time on your side when you charter your business travel with Jazz Aviation.

Why Jazz?

Friendly, responsive, personalized service from people who understand your travel needs and treat you like family.

Travel with confidence knowing the pilots and staff at Jazz have over 25 years of combined aviation experience and thousands of flight hours. Locally owned and based out of New Orleans, sparing you the relocation fees of other companies, Jazz provides you with the most personal service whenever you want, wherever you are.

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Our Aircraft

King Air E90

Our King Air is an E90 and comfortably seats 4-6 passengers, cruises at over 220 knots, and provides the luxurious alternative to commercial travel.


Piper Seneca II

Our Piper Seneca II comfortably seats 4-5 passengers, cruises at over 150 knots, and provides a comfortable and competitive alternative for short hops to getaways nearby.