King Air E90

Arguably the world’s most popular turboprop aircraft, the King Air E90 is the most economical alternative to jet service. Powered by two highly reliable Pratt & Whitney PT-6 turbine engines, Beechcraft designed this all-weather, pressurized aircraft to allow for a slow, stabilized approach to landing and capable of accessing runways too short for small private jets. This aircraft cruises at speeds up to 273 mph and has a certified ceiling of 25,000 feet providing a practical solution for a variety of missions. The King Air 90 combines comfort, performance, and economy in one luxurious package ideal for local and regional flights, short business trips, or private weekends away.

The cabin configuration offers seating for up to 6 passengers with club seating for 4, a side facing seat near the rear exit of the plane, and a belted lavatory seat, while a seventh passenger could potentially ride in the copilot seat. For your comfort and convenience, it features a sophisticated design with essential amenities such as air-conditioning/heating, minibar and refreshment cabinets, plush leather reclining seats, on-board lavatory, and in-flight access to your baggage. The ultra quiet cabin creates a superb work environment and offers 50 percent more head, shoulder, and legroom than the closest light-jet competitor.

Long known for its quality, the Beechcraft King Air is a safe, dependable, and versatile aircraft uniquely suited to perform a variety of flight services.

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