Building Relationships. Earning your Trust.

Jazz Aviation is a locally owned and operated company certificated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Specializing in on-demand air charter and private aircraft acquisition and management, we service over 1500 U.S. airports not serviced by scheduled airlines. Jazz was envisioned in 2008 by entrepreneur, Krystal Hukmani, and pilot, Ankur Hukmani, while discussing their goals in life over a cup of coffee. They bring the professionalism and experience of a combined 25 years in aviation.

As a family owned company, we take pride in our services and relationships with clients. We make sure that all client needs are met with a smile. Travel with confidence knowing your luggage will not be lost and that you will not have to squander any time wading through security checks or stuck at some congested airport for layover. Relax and enjoy the safety, comfort and ease of a private cabin. Put the finishing touches on your business proposal, catch some z’s, or just enjoy the view until we reach your destination.

Whether you use your own aircraft or avail yourself of one of our locally based charter aircraft, at Jazz Aviation you can expect to be treated like family by professionals who know you and your travel needs. From short hops to aircraft ownership, we help you keep flying stress-free, productive, and fun!


  • Conceived in 2008

    In 2008 spurred by a gap in our region for private on demand charter services, my husband and I applied for an FAA Air Carrier Certificate. To our dismay, we were told there was at least a 2 year wait.

  • Founded in July 2012

    Frustrated with our wait, we founded Jazz Aviation LLC in 2012 as a Part 91 operator with the mandate to provide the best possible aircraft management services to our clients and their private aircraft.

  • Awarded Air Carrier Certificate 2013

    In April of 2013, with God's Grace, Jazz Aviation received it's Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 Certificate (Certificate # 3JZA311N) from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowing the company to operate on-demand air charters in the US.

  • Service. Safety. Integrity.

    Jazz Aviation continuously strives to maintain the highest safety and service by providing experienced aircrew, exceeding FAA training requirements, and maintaining our clients' aircraft with the industry's best professionals. We are proud to be Jazz Aviation Air Charter and Aircraft Management.

  • Our Future

    Jazz Aviation strives to be as dynamic as the clients we serve. In the coming year we will be expanding our services, growing our fleet, and hiring more pilots to make us even more available and versatile.



Our company has often used Jazz Aviation’s Contract Pilot Service for the operation of our corporate aircraft. We have found their pilots to be very skilled and professional in both behavior and appearance. Jazz Aviation’s courteous staff does a great job organizing the flights from the initial call to final billing and communicates very well throughout the entire process. Jazz has always been flexible with our scheduling and has made the extra effort in accommodating our specific requests. I would not hesitate in recommending Jazz Aviation for your piloting needs.

Steven Pavlovich

General Manager
MC Services LLC

It sounds like an extravagance, right? A private pilot flies you to Minden, Shreveport, Alexandria, all over Louisiana, Mississippi and in my case Texas too for your business. A car is usually available at every small airport and more often than not, someone happily drives you where you have to go and picks you up. It is not extravagant; it is the most sensible thing I have done in years. I am not tired from driving, lugging suitcases around, and I am back in my office working on other matters that day. Our clients love it because they save money. Every cost analysis we do for them shows it. Huk and Krystal are terrific. They are responsive, accurate, and aware of our needs. There is really nothing better than getting some perspective before an important hearing, deposition, or meeting. Looking at our country from up high is a great way to do it. And you do not have to take your shoes off unless of course you feel like it!

Celeste Brustowicz

Burglass and Tankersley, LLC