Piper Archer III

With over five decades of refinements, this little jewel of Piper’s has earned an enviable reputation as an honest, hard-working, safe and reliable aircraft with a business-like, no nonsense look. Powering the Archer is a carbureted Lycoming O-360-A4M, probably one of the best aero engines of all time, producing 180 hp at 2,700 rpm and spinning a two-blade, fixed-pitch Sensenich propeller. Piper designed this fair weather aircraft to comfortably seat two passengers, cruise at about 100 knots, and provide an efficient alternative to transportation by car. The Piper Archer combines predictable handling, simplicity, good looks, a nice interior, and a well-stocked panel ideal for touring, short business trips, and close weekends away.

The spacious, air-conditioned cabin offers seating for up to 3 adults (4 including pilot) over a reduced range with little to no baggage and is good for carrying two-three passengers with light baggage. The soft, leather seats are incredibly comfortable. Front and rear cabin occupants have a tall backrest, ample elbowroom, and sufficient legroom with a flat unobstructed floor for easy movement. And the low-wing design floods the cabin with daylight, minimizing any claustrophobic feelings.

With just enough speed to get you where you want to go, but not enough to get you in trouble, the Piper Archer flies beautifully, is very stable, and represents a capable cross-country option.

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